July 10, 2020

Mr. Donald J. Trump

President of The United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

I, Mehdi Mirghaderi, represent the voice of patriotic Iranians aligned with your vision and opposed to the Islamic regime of Mullahs in Iran. We are part of the silent majority of peace-loving Iranian citizens that want to establish a secular democratic regime committed to world peace.

As you know, the Iranian people and the current regime in Iran are diametrically opposed in their views towards the United States. While the masses of Iranian citizens have historically and presently expressed their strong affinity for the United States, the regime, for 41 years, has beaten the strongest anti-American drums in all its conduct and used brute force, imprisonment, torture and physical elimination to silence its opposition.

This center of anti-US and anti-Israel propaganda has spread its hateful message throughout the Middle East based on its core mandate of exporting the Islamic revolution rooted in their constitution. It must be evident by now that the regime is not prone to any change of behavior that is inconsistent with its DNA.

We are deeply grateful to you personally and your Administration in curbing the detrimental activities of the regime through the Maximum Pressure Sanctions.

Given the ever-increasing threat posed by this regime to its own citizens, its neighbors and the entire world, we are deeply concerned about the latest attempts at co-opting Chinese collaboration which rewards China with cheap oil and unfettered access to Iran’s military bases and allows for Chinese ground troops on its soil. In August they intend to include Russia in this tri-lateral deal which is blatantly aimed at curbing American influence worldwide, causing a sea change in the balance of East-West power and other predictable consequences.

This occupying force installed itself through a revolt in 1979 and does not have the (legal or binding) authority to sign any treaty as a legitimate government.

I am writing to implore your indulgence in this critical matter. Your vocal support of the Iranian people as opposed to the regime has been an unparalleled blessing for Iranians. We ask that you not only keep up the pressure on the current occupiers of Iran, but grant us the most meaningful support of providing airtime on Voice of America, or other means of broadcast to be received by Iranian masses. This by itself will help displace this illegitimate regime through the power of the people.

Time is of the essence. Once the treaty with the China is signed with the Islamic Regime this August, funds will flow in Chinese Yuans and the regime will be revived with renewed vigor, and pose an unstoppable force in opposition to American interests as well as greater suppression of its own citizens.

You and President Reagan will always be remembered to have been on the right side of history. He criticized the destabilizing efforts of president Carter for his “undercutting of a stalwart ally, the Shah of Iran” after 37 years of unwavering support for the United States and deemed it as shameful and “a blot on our (America’s) record”. You can help us reclaim our strong friendship and rekindle the beacon of hope and freedom that America has always stood for.

With warmest regards,

Mehdi Mirghaderi