Why do we support President Trump?

President Trump is the only one who practically stands against the Islamic Regime not just by words. In the first step, he withdrew from the JCPOA agreement. Then, he sanctioned the Islamic Regime oil industry which was being used to fund the oppression of Iranians and other people in the region. This led to a mutual benefit for Iranians who live under the tyranny of the Islamic Regime and stabilizing the Middle East.

Trump’s goal was to turn Iran’s situation to a normal country like the Pahlavi era especially during Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Reign and Iranians are looking for an opportunity to get rid of this tyrannical regime.

In the peaceful protest of Iranians in December 2017, President Trump was the only political leader in the world who supported the people with four Tweet. Those people were chanting “Rest in Peace Reza Shah” in the streets in more than 130 cities. No other political people in the world supported Iranian Peaceful protesters.

Then, he added IRGC that its main responsibility to oppress Iranians and guard the Islamic Regime to the State Department’s FTO list, which includes 67 other terrorist organizations including Hizballah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Kata’ib Hizballah, and al-Ashtar Brigades. As a result, the mainstream source of money for the Islamic Regime was cut off by President Trump.

President Trump and his administration also fully supported the Iranians in the recent peaceful protests in November 2019 with a couple of English and Farsi Tweets that seriously warned the Islamic Regime for killing 6000 innocent people in the streets. After these protests, President Trump ordered to kill Qasem Solemani who was the second powerful person in the Islamic Regime.

Besides, after shooting down Ukrainian Flight PS-572 by IRGC that was followed by Iranian street protests, he threatened the Islamic Regime not to kill the protesters and cut off the Internet like November 2019. This serious warning was very effective in saving many innocent lives.

More importantly, President Trump’s role not only is important for Iranians but also for the entire world these days. He is the one who is standing against the globalist mafia that plans to exploit the people around the world by spreading man-made viruses, fake vaccines, and damaging the United States and world economies, destroying people’s self-esteem, decreasing job safety, and the increasing sense of insecurity in the societies.

We Iranians want to end this tyranny under this Islamic Regime that causes severe destruction in Iran for the past 42 years. We also want to get back on the way and culture of our great ancestors such as Cyrus the Great.

These are the most important reasons that we support President Trump and we highly recommend Iranian-Americans to support him in the upcoming election. Because our interests are tied together in this important election.

A Lasting Iran, Long Live the King