Mr. Antonio Guterres

Secretary-General, United Nations

United Nations Headquarters

405 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

Your Excellency,

On November 17th through 27th Iranian citizens took to the streets in peaceful protests across 120 cities nationwide and demanded a change in their abysmal economic and political welfare. The Islamic Regime responded to these peaceful civil protests with brute force and bullets whereby over 5,000 innocent people were killed and over 20,000 others were arrested, jailed and were subjected to torture all across the nation. Heads, upper bodies and eyes of numerous protestors were targeted directly and innumerable people lost their eyesight and others are suffering from serious infections due to bullet wounds.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard, a recognized terrorist organization, along with other official governmental agencies have owned up to their role and responsibility for these killings. The Islamic regime attempted to control the spread of any news about these atrocities by cutting the Internet for two weeks.

Twitter users warned and informed the world about this action. On December 18th, 2019 the following tweet, around 60,000 submissions, with the following hashtag (#UN_Stop_Genocide_in_Iran) were sent within 24 hours regarding this matter.

Un stop gencoide in Iran

this people killed by Islamic regime in November and December 2019 in iran

Documents and evidence of these murdered souls, arrested and missing individuals, along with the demands of the Iranian people have all been well recorded in Twitter and can be verified using the hashtag above.

We have a specific demand from the United Nations, and you as the Secretary-General of this august establishment. We request that the case of this serious transgression against humanity be promptly referred to the United Nations Security Council for immediate review and meaningful action.

It should be evident that due to the silence by world powers and vested authorities the Islamic Republic, occupiers of Iran, will continue its impudent transgressions and this catastrophic chapter will be recorded as a shameful and undeniable stain on the United Nations and all humanity.


Mehdi Mirghaderi

Secretariat, Mellig Party

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