The imminent lifting of the sanctions on Arms Sales to Islamic republic of Iran this October is critically detrimental to world peace and prevents the restoration of stability in the Middle East. The ongoing genocide in Syria, perpetuated by Islamic republic of Iran, has created a death toll of over 500,000, a displaced population of about 6 million, has provided a huge challenge for countries faced with accepting mass migration and destroyed formerly stable domiciles of the millions affected by this tragedy.

Facts: In January 2011 peaceful protestors seeking reform marched in Damascus and numerous other cities in Syria and continued for months until on March 18th a government massacre was initiated. By February 2017 Amnesty International estimated up to 13,000 people had been executed in government prisons and untold thousand tortured. Casualties are officially reported to be over 40,000 and opposition figures quote over 586,000 deaths to date. Millions of refugees from this war have flooded other countries and caused a refugee crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

Assad’s regime is not alone in perpetrating these crimes against humanity. Russia’s strong backing and Islamic republic of Iran’s ground support and free oil have perpetuated this tragedy. Russia’s ambitions cannot be easily curtailed, but how could Islamic regime of Iran afford all the military and funding support it has continued to provide Syria in all these years and not face world outrage for its meddling in a third country? This is a question of funding for genocide and the obliteration of human rights on an unprecedented scale.

The nuclear deal that the Obama Administration signed in 2013 provided the much need cash to perpetuate Islamic republic of Iran terrorist activities in the region, including direct military involvement in support of the Assad regime, racking up a death toll which has surpassed half a million so far. The $150 Billion of cash assets provided back to Islamic regime of Iran by the Democratic Administration was used to fund the Syrian genocide by deploying the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), and the flow of free Iran oil to run Assad’s war machine.

More recent threats issued by the Ayatollah himself promoted the “Final Solution” for annihilating the Jewish state. Do not let this rogue regime acquire more weapons and wreak havoc on the world stage.

Since Islamic regime of Iran’s overt military activities in Syria, supporting Assad’s assault on his own people, dated all the way back to 2011, and the declaration by the Iranian regime of its unwavering support for Assad were all too well known by world authorities, not only should the Islamic Regime of Iran be held responsible for its strong role in the Syrian Genocide, but shouldn’t those who aided and abetted in this genocide also be held responsible? How can the United States systematically block organizations suspected of funding terrorist organizations abroad, yet knowingly release funding to a terrorist Islamic state? A state machinery which incidentally has also killed many American soldiers and civilians during its reign of terror over 40+ years.

Who accepts responsibility for enabling a terrorist regime that has unrelentingly, over several decades, imprisoned and tortured its own citizens for peaceful protests, supported killing machines in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and continues to threaten world peace with ballistic missiles and targeting ships in international waterways? Could Islamic republic of Iran have perpetuated the Syrian Genocide without the released funding from the Obama Administration – all while they never promised to stop their regional destabilization and continued genocide inside Syria and the region? Was the pursuit of a false legacy for President Obama and his Administration of a signed but extremely weak nuclear deal (JCPOA) worth the continuation of Genocide in Syria? Shouldn’t that Administration be held responsible for aiding the Islamic Regime in decimating innocent Syrians in the ongoing Genocide? Who can answer these pressing issues?

If not held responsible, the regime that continues to torture and execute its own people, promotes the destruction of the Jewish state and arms militia across the Middle East to export its ideology, can easily lead to catastrophic consequences for the rest of the world.