By nadergt1 a member of Mellig Party:

1_ TREATY OF FINCKENSTEIN Between FATH ALI SHAH QAJAR and NAPOLEON BONAPART which was made on May The 4th 1807 in Finckenstein Palace in Poland which France was suppose to help Iran Militarily and be behind Iran and against Russia and Britain, but after only one year when Napoleon won the war with Russia and started making Treaty and became Allies and best friends once again and forgetting all about the Finckenstein Treaty Napoleon had just made with Iran and not keeping his promise with backing Iran, Russia started attacking Iran which resulted in Iran making many Treaties such as TURKMANCHAY and GOLESTAN etc with Russia which made Iran loosing many parts of the country to Russia.

2 _ VALERY GISCARD D’ESTAING who pretended to be friend of Shah and Iran, accepting Ayatollah Khomeini who Shah Exiled to Iraq, to Come to France and being housed in Neauphle-le-Château while being protected by the French Police and their Secret Service. Meanwhile Giscard D’Estaing was the host of Guadeloupe Conference between 4th and 7th of January 1979 where Jimmy Carter The US President, Helmut Schmidt Chancellor of West Germany and James Callaghan The Prime Minister of The United Kingdom attended and Finalised The Plan to Over Throw The Shah of Iran while he was suffering from Cancer, Ayatollah Khomeini was flown From Paris To Tehran by no other airline than Air France.

3 _ IMPORTING HIV VIRUS TO IRAN : There Was Not One Case of HIV VIRUS in Iran until mid 80s When The French Company MERIEUX INSTITUTE Exported Anti-Hemophilic Blood Products To Iran which were Not Tested for the AIDS VIRUS Nor Heat-Treated, which made an 8 year old boy Masoud Naimi one of it’s first victims.

4 _ ASSASSINATION OF IMPORTANT IRANIAN PEOPLE WHILE LIVING IN FRANCE : Some of The Important people who escaped Iran and had Political Asylum in France, were Assassinated in France while The French Government knew all about it but didn’t do much to investigate or bring their assassins to justice : 1- PRINCE SHAHRYIAR SHAFIGH 2- DR. SHAHPOUR BAKHTIYAR ( Head of National Resistance Movement of Iran ) ABDOLRAHAMAN BROUMAND 4- GENERAL AND CHEIF COMMANDER GHOLAM ALI OVEISSI & HIS BROTHER GHOLAM HOSSEIN OVEISSI 6- DR. REZA MAZLOOMAN  7- DR. KOUROSH ARYAMANSH ( Member of Derafsh Kaviani Resistance Group ) 8- AIR FORCE COMMANDER BEHROOZ BAGHERI 9- SYRUS ELLAHI ( Founder of Derafsh Kaviani Resistance Group ) 10- HASHEM ABDOLLAHI ( Member of National Resistance Movement of Iran )

5 _ COLONISATION OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES : From 1502 France colonised many African Countries making them Slaves which many died in their journeys to America and other parts of of the world, While Mining their Gold , Diamond and other Precious Stones and stealing their wealth.  After The Second World War, specially Algeria who helped France in WW1 and WW2 for their Promise of Freedom of Algeria from French Colonisation, which not only did not happen but also a Million Algerian who resisted were Systematically Massacred By the French Army which was many times worse than The Holocaust, but has not been mentioned much by anyone since.

6_ THE BETRAYAL OF MUAMMAR GHADDAFI By his so called Close Friend NICHOLAS ZARKOZY The French President whom Ghaddafi Helped and Funded his Presidency by giving $50 Million To help his campaign and also spent Millions of Dollars worth buying Mirage Jets and French Military Equipments, but after only few years Zarkovy became GHADDAFI’S Worse Enemy and with the coalition of Great Britain, started Bombarding Libya and afterwards with the help of The French Secret Service, Capturing and Killing him in The Streets of Sirte his birth place.

. 7_ THE VIETNAM WAR whose Fire was First Ignited by The French since they weren’t able to Colonise Vietnam and after they lost the war to the Vietcong’s Army and had to leave Vietnam , they Started Propagandising about Communism and if the world doesn’t do anything Communists are going to take over which Dragged The United States into this war.

BY  spirituality a member of Mellig Party: We Iranians have a loving and trusting towards , people in need or states pretending to be our friends, We Iranians , due to our humanity and possession of a good and hospitable heart. WE Trust easily, instead of a conscious decision-making process. OF course as a result, we have been the targets for Old and new powerful nations. France can be blamed for the dictatorship that Iran has since 1979 so-called revolution. We must be more alert and think about our national socio-political status quo. Mr. loving Mehdi, went through some of the most treacherous betrayals, that France had caused both international, and especially our beloved Iran. After kicking out the Akhond islamic dictatorship, in which we have suffered so gravely that may even take many years to restructure and built Iran again. Less than 19 years, we can produce most of the world’s food and energy for hundreds of years. IRAN WILL BECOME A PEACEFUL AND HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE WHILE BUILDING THE COUNTRY AGAIN. After WW II , despite terrible economy and a destroyed nation, the Germans rebuilt it and despite no natural resources is still an international power. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?. We will be better than both Japan-Germany put together. Long Live our King

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