Honorable Secretary of State, Antony Blinken;

Dear Secretary Blinken,

My name is Mehdi Mirghaderi. I have been heading an organization ( Mellig. Net), to promote peace and freedom in Iran since 20…..

Secretary Blinken, this email will be sent to all secretaries of the European countries as well as speaker of the house Ms. Nancy Pelocy, senate leader Mr. Chuck Schumer, in addition to Human Right society, Unesco, etc.

Please consider the following questions;

1- don’t you miss the world peace?

2- don’t you miss the peace in the Middle East?

3- don’t you miss the great revenue generated by the USA during late Shah of Iran?

4- Aren’t you tired of spending a great part of annual budget to combat terrorism in the world, which is solely promoted by current Iranian regime?

5- wouldn’t USA have a much better use of their funds which are allocated to fight terrorism?

6- I ask you to imagine a horrible thought,

Imagine one day your son and your daughter leave their home to protest for their freedom,  and heaven forbid, ONLY one of them return home, when you ask where the other kid is, you hear that he, or she is shot in the head and killed , by a police officer.

7- sorry for such horrific example, but please be advised that many Iranian parents are going through the same feeling for the past 45 days.

Every day, the current criminal regime is KILLING the youth of Iran, including high school students.

The regime does not shoot to injure, rather they shoot to kill, mostly head shots, or heart.

8- where is the Human Right organizations?

Back in 1979, President Carter along with Britain, France, and Germany, removed late Shah of Iran due to many political prisoners ( so he claimed), and there was no killing then. But today, there is NO SINGLE COMPLAINT by any of so called Democratic countries.

9- All you secretaries of states who know about these abuse of human rights,

HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHTS? Knowing across the world, kids are getting killed for the basic human right wishes.

10- don’t you miss the great revenues generated by exchanging of goods and services, tourism, once PEACE is established in Iran, hence in the Middle East?

11- please be advised that we are NOT asking you for any financial support, or asking for change regime.

ALL that we are is NOT TO SUPPORT the current killer regime.

Stop funding the regime, stop negotiating with the regime.

This regime would NOT kill this openly, if they did not have behind the door support.

12- please ask the Human Right organizations to look at the MURDERS, RAPES, and TORTURE of thousands of imprisoned young people, who ALL they ask for is ;


13- Is that too much to ask for?

14- Asking for freedom is punishable by DEATH?

14- How long are you people are willing to look the other way?

15- The sooner peace is spread in Iran, the sooner prosperity will return to the Middle East.

Once again, Iran will become a country that will promote peace and will build a good relationship with its neighbors.

Once again, Taliban, Isis, Alquida, hamas, hezbollah, and other terrorist groups will disappear, and new world order will take over.


Mehdi Mirghaderi,