PART 1 : After the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel, there has not been a day that the United States, England, the European Union and various UN bodies have not expressed concern about the spread of the war. What is all this fear and worry about the spread of war? Where is the scope of this war that everyone is worried about? The Arab countries did not react except for a weak statement against Israel. By the way, they showed that their strategic interests in confronting America’s regional policies and confronting Iran’s destructive regime are tied to Israel. The fear of the spread of war is nothing but that Israel will take action and a situation will arise in which the predatory regime of Iran will be forced to enter the war and they will be forced to appear to stand by Israel and not be able to save the regime of occupied Iran in that situation. They say very publicly that they do not want Iran’s destructive regime to go to war. Because they themselves are better aware of the regime’s weakness and flimsiness . They know that if circumstances arise and the regime is forced to go to war, how it will be slapped and how it will collapse like a rotting corpse in the very first days. For years, the defence ministers and military commanders of the United States and England and the dirty media such as the BBC, Voice of America, and Radio Farda, which wash the regime’s criminal and bloody hands, have made the ruling regime of Iran a regional giant, as if the United States and the United Kingdom And NATO are afraid to approach it. The same media made Qassem Soleimani an epic general and compared him to General Marshal Rommel from a trash guard and murderer of the people of Iran and Syria. At the same time as the uproar about Russia’s use of the regime’s drones in the war with Ukraine, it was announced that the engine and main parts of these drones have been provided to the regime by American, Austrian and Canadian companies, and the regime only connects its parts in Iran These media, which are the mouthpieces of their country’s security agencies, do not say why America and England, when they reach the predatory regime of Iran, are afraid of getting involved with it and have to deal with the demands and actions of the regime only to meet with the language of diplomacy! collide Israel’s influence in the highest ranks of the regime’s security and Israel’s operations inside Iran showed how lackadaisical and flimsy the regime’s apparatus is, and that this regime can only deal with the unarmed people of Iran with the advanced tools of repression provided by Western governments Is able to bully them The art and ability of this regime is only killing and suppressing and looting people and destroying lakes, rivers, forests and natural resources and destroying Iran. Javad Zarif, the foreign minister in the criminal government of Akhund Rouhani, when he gets angry at the students of Hezbollah during his speech session, in a state of anger, he unintentionally admits the fact that “if America wants to, in a matter of 10 minutes it can destroy all the nuclear facilities and strategically destroy Iran.” America and England know better than anyone that if a war breaks out between Israel and the regime, this hornless giant will be defeated on the very first day, and more importantly, they know that if the regime is dragged into the war, the main war will not be outside Iran’s borders , it would be the people’s war against the regime in the streets of Iran, that will rise and no longer a way out for the regime. They know that the people of Iran are counting the minutes for such an opportunity to crush the repression of the regime. Just like today, the regime’s condolence ceremony in support of Palestine, the people of Iran stand in front of it in the streets, stadiums and universities and turn the regime’s condolence ceremony to nothing. America and England are trying to prevent the regime from going to war, with controlled conflicts with the regime’s overseas labourers , they are trying to prevent the regime from falling and as the leader of the fight against Israel and global arrogance! His inability should not be exposed more than this and he should not get lost among his foreign and domestic labourers, and should not make a splash in the world of Islam. Under the cover of these controlled conflicts with the regime’s overseas mercenaries, they keep the oven of the enemy playing with Iran’s looting regime warm and hide their role in protecting Iran’s destroyer regime. But these nauseating shows and propaganda uproars that has been going on for 44 years have become so disturbing that it has raised the voices of many officials and representatives of the US Congress and Senate. After the so-called drone attack by the regime’s overseas mercenaries on the American base in Jordan and the sacrifice of several foot soldiers, Republican Senator Tom Cotton announced in advance that: “Finally, Biden wants to target an empty place in the desert.” We have informed the regime of the mullahs that we want to carry out any attack, and now the news has been confirmed that the key commanders of the Revolutionary Guards have returned to Iran from Syria.” America and England bombed the empty warehouses of the Houthis in Yemen and informed the Houthis before the attack. Arabic Sky News wrote : “The United States had informed the Houthis of Yemen about their attacks.” The Wall Street Journal wrote: “Before last night’s attacks by the United States and Britain, Yemen’s Houthis had moved their important weapons and equipment to safe places and their ballistic missiles to hideouts in populated areas.” These shows have been leaked to such an extent that the Persian-speaking spokesman of the Israeli government, Ben Sabati, said after the US and British attack on the Houthis in Yemen, that these attacks are not only a deterrent, but an encouragement to the Iranian government. has it. He told the French radio: “The attack of the United States and the United Kingdom on the Yemeni Houthis has had a symbolic aspect.” For this reason, this attack will not only be a deterrent, but it will be an encouragement for the Houthis and the Iranian government, and it will encourage Iran and the Houthis to intensify their attacks in the future

PART 2 : Pressure on Israel to protect the regime : International pressures and media creation against Israel and these efforts and movements and commotions are to restrain Israel from going towards the regime. They have this concern and fear that Israel may take action or an unforeseen event may occur that will take control of the war out of their hands. These pressures on Israel and support for Hamas are hidden under the disgusting face of “humanitarianism”. The war they launched against Saddam, according to their own media, massacred nearly 500,000 Iraqi people, but not a sound from none of these international and “humanitarian” organisations came out. Now, the BBC has mourned for the people of Gaza and actually for Hamas, and Joseph Burrell, the head of the European Union’s foreign policy, and Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the World Toilet called the United Nations, have taken positions as if they are Khamenei’s representative in the European Union and the United Nations. It is not only in the Middle East that the hands of the destructive Iranian regime have been left open for anything, in the same Europe and the United States, the regime’s Islamic organisations to hold demonstrations in support of Hamas, the security and political support of Western governments and the capital of the famous American capitalist George Soros. has behind him. British Home Minister Suella Braverman accuses the London police of favouring Hamas supporters and protests the biased role of the London police towards Hamas supporters. The next day, the British Prime Minister fires her. The New York Post announced in a report that: “The Open Society Foundation led by George Soros has donated more than 15 million dollars since 2016 to the organisations that are behind the scenes of the protests by Hamas supporters in the United States and plan and direct these protests.” do.” Kamla Harris, Biden’s deputy, said on October 29, 2023 that: “For the first time, the Biden administration is going to develop a national strategy to deal with Islamophobia.” This strategy is a comprehensive and detailed plan to protect Muslims and those believed to be Muslims from hatred, bigotry and violence.” The news that sometimes emerges from Israel’s lobbies or in the political disputes of Western countries shows the depth of the ties between the United States and the United Kingdom with the destructive regime of Iran, it shows that the most sensitive social and political institutions of the United States and the United Kingdom are the private life of the destructive regime. Iran has become People like Arin Tabatabai, Ali Vaez, Mina Esfandiari are working at the top levels of the Pentagon and the US State Department, and the American publication New York Post declares that these people are in constant contact with the Iranian regime and coordinate their work with the Iranian regime and get their homework from the regime of Iran. The criminal Commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC) in cooperation with the British security apparatus, is giving a video lecture to English students and asking English students to join the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the jihad against the Jews. The BBC wrote on January 24, 2024: “The Commission for the Supervision of Charitable Organisations in the United Kingdom is investigating the video of the “anti-Semitic” speeches that some current and former commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps gave to students in the United Kingdom… Another case is related to a gathering. In the Islamic centre “Tawheed Center” is in West London, which was held on the occasion of the memorial of Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards… The Tawheed Center was established to promote the thoughts of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran… Another video of an online speech by a commander of the Revolutionary Guards for It is the students in Britain that this commander introduced himself elsewhere as one of those who trained Hamas members for the October 7th attack and boasted about it… Hossein Yakta, one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, emphasised that universities are on the “battle front”. have been transformed and he wanted the students who listen to him to be “soft war officers” on this front… Another video showed Saeed Ghasemi, one of the former commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, who also makes the false claim that the Holocaust is a “lie and fabrication”. and describing an apocalyptic war that students in Britain can join to “end the lives of oppressors and occupiers and Zionists and Jews all over the world” : ” God willing, from tonight my name and you good students of Europe will be recorded in the list of beautiful names of resistance soldiers.” Mr. Zarghami, who has been sanctioned by the British government for “violation of human rights”, published a picture of himself speaking to the audience via Zoom on his Telegram channel… Mrs. Cairns, the head of the foreign relations committee of the British Parliament, after watching the videos of the speech The commanders of the Revolutionary Guards have asked the government to declare such events illegal. And he added that the content of the videos he saw is “a threat to the stability of our country”: When the depth of these connections with the regime of occupied Iran is made public by the Israeli lobbies, the officials in London and Washington say that they had not been paying attention and promise to be more careful from now on. They had put aside shyness and are openly insulting everyone’s intelligence, and of course, they have enough experts! analysts! And researchers!in their media to justify and cut corners.

PART :  3 Israel the disturber of the unification of the Middle East : The current realities in the region and the world show that the existence of Israel as a state of the Jewish people by itself disturbs the “Greater Middle East Plan” and the unification of the Middle East. The conflict between the interests of America and Israel regarding the “Greater Middle East Plan” and the unification of the social, economic and political contexts of the Middle East in line with globalisation is more obvious than it can be hidden. Nasser Nobari, the former ambassador of the occupying regime of Iran in the Soviet Union and advisor for strategic affairs and head of the strategic centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Islamic regime, said in an interview with the website “Khabar Online” on November 18, 2023: “In the world, Israel is becoming an agent for America.” It has become a nuisance… The survival of Tel Aviv is no longer as valuable to Washington as it used to be… Biden and American strategists in the world conditions thirty years ago considered the existence of an Israel necessary for the interests of the United States, but today, in the new world conditions, they see the existence of such an Israel as a nuisance to the interests of the United States. … In short, the world has changed and the traditional Israeli model is causing trouble for America in the world. Today, Netanyahu’s blind, extreme, old, rigid and traditional Israeli behaviour shows that he does not have the necessary flexibility to adapt to the new global and international environment, and therefore, the continuation of rigidity and lack of adaptability in such new global conditions, will it or not, like dinosaurs will be extinct….. Just like today America withdrew and allowed the ceasefire resolution to be approved in the Security Council. Israel’s closest Western allies, such as England and France, whose leaders initially went to Israel for sympathy and support, but now they are forced to back down supporting Israel in public meetings, and even France votes against Israel’s position, and England appoints its interior minister because of its sympathy. Israel once played a positive role for America, but it no longer has that role in today’s world… A few days ago, Netanyahu said to the Israeli people that the goal of this war is Israel’s survival, and this is the second war for Israel’s independence, and therefore it will be long. These statements show that the Israelis themselves are aware that this is probably the last chance that the United States will fully stand by Israel, and therefore they want to prolong it as much as possible so that it does not end soon, but this is in conflict with the American strategy. Nowbari, the adviser of strategic and strategic affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the plundering Iranian regime, connects the reason why Israel has become a nuisance to American interests in the Middle East to irrelevant things in order to hide the main reason. While the main reason is no longer a secret today. Since Obama’s presidency, a line has been put on the agenda in the American government that the governmental structure of Israel as a country of the Jewish nation must be changed in order to slowly dissolve, digest and disappear in the plan of the Greater Middle East and the unification of the Middle East. This line accelerated and became more public during the Biden period. But Israel as its own political, security and military complications. America’s problem is that it cannot simply advance this line in Israel and leave that region like Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to Hamas, Hezbollah and the regime. By the way, the disintegration of Israel at this stage is in the interest of the Muslim Arab masses. If Israel messes up at this point in line with the “Greater Middle East Plan”, in the next step they will mess up Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. The people of these countries now enjoy a high level of economic well-being and social services. If those areas like Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran become the cradle of Hezbollah, Hamas and the regime, the people of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will face a miserable economic and social burden of the people of Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

America’s need for the regime as an enemy in the stage of globalisation : But America’s need for the destructive regime of Iran as an enemy goes beyond the story of the region and the Great Middle East plan. America’s main need for this fake enemy is to deal with the growth of nationalism at the global level. Because nationalism is the real and main enemy of globalisation at this stage. What better opposition for America than the destructive regime of Iran, which has historical and ideological enmity with nationalism and national identity. Now with the fall of this regime, nationalism is accelerating not only in Iran, but also in the Middle East, Europe, and America, and is confusing the scroll of globalisation. Even today despite this fake enemy, we see the growth of nationalism in front of the line of globalisation and their smart technology in all societies. The leaders of Western countries range from US President Biden, who calls the slogan “America First” a fascist slogan, to the presidents of China and France and the chancellor of Germany, who consider nationalism to be the greatest danger and threat of globalisation, and they use the club of fascism and the extreme right to hit it on the head. Because the main rail of globalisation at this point is not smart technology but changing the fabric of life and identity and production of human societies. The main trend of globalisation is to de-identify, void, and deplete human societies so that they can control the world by intelligent machines in the structure of the dictatorship of capital. But the main problem is that a part of human societies does not let its identity, history and native values be taken from it and does not want its national capital to be tied with global and imperial capital. He wants the natural resources of that land to be spent on the basic needs of the people of that land. The natural wealth of a country should be spent on what is needed there, not on what Amazon, Google, Apple and big capitalists want. This nationalism is not a political and party school along with other schools and parties, it is a mass trend that has emerged from the hearts of the masses in reaction and in opposition to the dictatorship of capital and global plunder. Capitalist media call it extreme right and fascist in order to beat nationalism. Global Marxists repeat and ruminate on the same labels of global capitalism. All America and Western governments fear is that this fake enemy, which is anti-nationalism and an irreconcilable enemy of national identity, will fall and pave the way for nationalism on a global level. This is the main reason why they implemented this regime in 1957 and are still protecting it. The friendly surrender of the global left to America and England : Without the friendly cooperation of the global left, America, England and Europe could not sell a criminal, thieving, and looting regime as their enemy to everyone, and this regime, which cannot pull it’s pants without America, to mold as a regional power. If it wasn’t for this global left’s sympathy and allegiance with America, America could not make an anti-American face out of the destructive Iranian regime and tie minds to the enemy of playing with this fake enemy. Judith Butler, an American left-wing philosopher, asserts in November 2023 as a speaker at the meeting of American leftists that : “Hamas and Hezbollah are part of the global left.” Of course, they are being modest and complimenting each other. Because what is in front of everyone’s eyes, Hezbollah and Hamas are not part of the global left, this is the global left that is part of Islam, the regime and globalisation. During these 44 years, this global left has fought under the banner of Hassan Nasrallah, Hamas, Khomeini and Khamenei. The ideology of Islam and the unified Islamic community is the godfather of internationalism Marxism and the owners of globalisation. The most basic principles of Islam and Marxism and Globalisation are their unbridled antagonism and enmity with everything that has the colour of identity, history, cultural achievements, national values, and indigenous products of a society. The main basis of Marxism is that advanced capitalism in the world should be widespread. Behind the spread and institutionalisation of advanced capitalism in the world, the Imam of the Time promises “the government of the Proletariat”. But first, everything must be used to serve global capitalism and local and cultural and identity productions of societies should be destroyed for the benefit of advanced capitalism. In Islam, instead of the “Proletariat”, the Imam of the Time comes in the end, and the oppressed, i.e. the Islamic leaders, become the inheritors of the earth like the leaders of the regime, and… it is not without reason that when the famous theorists of Marxism go to Tehran from London and Washington, they are interviewed by the government press. They say that the ideology of Marxism is the closest ideology to Islam and Shia. This has been said years ago by the theorists of national Marxism such as Ehsan Tabari. If the concept of right and left is the degree of distance and proximity to global capitalism, as a matter fact, Marxism and what is called the global left are the most right-wing trends in the world after Islam, and both ideological and political life today are in line with macro-globalisation. are tied with the world’s rich. The owners of capital and global mega-companies, in Western societies and societies like Latin America where Islam does not play a major role in the social contexts there, advance their social line with the hands of the left. In these societies, the role of the left complements the  role of the regime’s Islamic organisations in serving the owners of globalisation.

They can no longer save the occupying regime of Iran from the hands of the Iranian people with any trick : The main problem of the “Great Lord” and “the leader of the global village” to protect the occupying regime of Iran, is the people of Iran who broke the back of the destructive regime of Iran in this uprising of the burning scarf and spat on the whole of this regime and its Islam at the same time. This part of the society has found its way by searching the identity and national interests of Iran and has shown that it no longer has the slightest relation to Camp 57 and colourful organisations of the so-called Human Rights and Republicanism. The tricks and manoeuvre and shows of the regime and America and these games of playing enemy will not work for this part of the Iranian society. Also BBC and Voice of America commercials and its roundtables disappear like foam on water. The clowns and wage earners that America, England, and Europe used as the leaders of the movement to hit the rise of the society, although they gave a big blow to the rise of the society, we saw that they soon turned into burnt leaves. Even the currents that the regime and the US are launching in the name of constitutionalists and nationalists in order to distort the path of society’s struggle, we can see that they do not have that much impact on the path of Iranian society. The society’s conflict with the regime is so deep and irreconcilable that these pages and shows quickly burn and disappear. Their Nobel Prize won’t help either. The political awareness and vitality of this part of the society is amazing. Nasreen Shakrami, Nika Shakrami’s mother wrote : “Reform is dead among us, you can’t revive it with the Nobel Prize.” The Nobel Prize is given to Narges Mohammadi so that her husband Taghi Rahmani, who licks the hands of the criminals of yesterday’s regime and shakes his tail for government reformers, says that this is a prize for Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard, Tajzadeh and Faiza Hashemi. This award is given to Narges Mohammadi from Evin Prison together with the wage earners and justifiers of the regime’s crimes abroad such as Hossein Mousaviyan, Reza Alijani, Mohsen Kadivar, Shirin Ebadi, Ali Afshari so that she would speak at the 7th annual Republican Solidarity Conference . This time, the head of the Nobel Peace Committee, instead of Golshifteh Farahani, Masih Alinjad, Hamed Esmailiyoun, and Nazanin Fanadi, introduces Narges Mohammadi as the leader of the uprising, to tell the Warrior Girls and Boys of Iran who are still in the subways and streets of Iran fighting with the killers and hijab female patrols of the regime, that Faezeh Hashemi, Zahra Rahnavard and foreign apologists and justifiers of the regime are also part of the opposition and your representatives and leaders. These awards and make-up are meant to humiliate and disappoint the boys and girls who are fighting against the occupying regime of Iran. During the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony, the regime’s puppets in the Persian BBC and the money earners and brokers whom the Western media had made “prominent faces of the opposition” and “leaders of the movement” showed such clownish slime and disgusting games that whose stench became annoying for the families of the victims of the recent uprising. It is as if these families and young fighters not only have to fight against the criminal and looting forces of the regime inside Iran, but also have to fight against the wage earners of the regime and the United States and England abroad and In a thousand languages, separate themselves with these sewage and facade of Western government institutions.

The families of the deceased and heroes such as Navid Afkari, Irfan Khazaei, Mohammad Hassan Turkman, Reza Shahparnia, Nika Shakrami, Mohammad Reza Eskandari, Pooya Bakhtiari, Javad Heydari in the statement that all the Persian language media of Western governments and human rights institutions! That they ignored, protesting the marquee of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, they wrote: “We are standing in the darkness of a cemetery as wide as Iran and we are stunned by you who apparently called yourself our representative.” Now, look at us once, without thinking about your own benefit, without thinking about taking pictures with our suffering in order to win some prize from the hell valley, aren’t you ashamed of mocking our wounds and mourning? No, the question is pointless.

For years, when the camera and microphone come towards you, you remember your entertainment and staging. You have no relationship with us. You who do not understand poverty.

You who murdered, humiliated, assaulted, raped and chemicalised children, and our torn bodies are lost under the bullets in the sound of giggles and hitting your fingertips on the table. Are you our leader? You are the leader of the youth who tore their clothes and exposed their chest to bullets? Do you and your laughter represent the sorrows of thousands of grieving mothers and fathers with broken backs? You, who have no limits in your meetings and stand-ups with those who have brought us to these dark days, and one day they see us as street actors, and the next the headless crowd that you have to lead, have become our representatives. ? No…you are too low to represent us…and we, we who you have taken the microphone in our name and for your own sake squeal into it, to each and every one of you we warn to get out of our way. Our enemy is the Islamic Republic, and in order to destroy it, we will destroy whoever stands in our way, we do not joke or shy away from anyone. We have passed you and reforms and its representatives with the blood of our loved ones.

Do not touch our wounds. We have no relationship with you.

This clarity and vitality of these families and warrior daughters and sons of Iran is praiseworthy. The vitality of thought and a dynamic view that is tied with courage and sacrifice and with suffering and torture and bullets and pain. It is as if they are the same Babak Khorramdin and Gerd Afarid who have come to life today in the streets of Iran by coming  face to face with the Arab Islamic regime.

In the recent uprising, they showed that their nationalism is qualitatively different from the rotten and Islamic nationalism of the Mossadeghs, and that their national heroes, Muhammad, Hussein, Ali, and the Arab plundering leaders, are not Muslims. They have turned to their history and identity and intellectual model before the invasion of Islam to Iran, an identity and history that included rituals  such as Mithraism and Mehr, and at the heart of which were personalities such as Mani, Mazdak, Babak Khormedin and Yaqub Leithes , it has come out an amazing national movements against Islam and Islamic caliphs have been nurtured in it. They showed that their war with the regime is not only about Islamic headscarves and hijab, their war with the regime is a 1400-year war, they are the continuation of the same national strength movements of Iran before the Safavid era against the Islamic Caliphs. In front of this section and this pole of the society, America, England and Europe are empty handed and they do not have a card to save the regime. They can no longer save this plundering and destructive Iranian regime from the hands of the Warrior Daughters and Sons of IRAN.

Moslem Mansouri, February 5, 2024