Congratulating the Iranian people on a newly appointed “president” of the Islamic regime that has occupied Iran is like congratulating the Jews of Nazi Germany on the appointment of “Rudolf Hess” instead of “Joseph Goebbels!”

Or it is like congratulating a suppressed Italian community on a newly appointed head of the Mafia and claiming that this head of the Mafia kills, tortures, imprisons, and intimidates in a more humane way compared to the previous or a competing mafia boss.

Even more disturbing is that these insulting congratulations come from Western European governments that claim to be democratic and extremely concerned with human rights.

But then again, a government like the present Norwegian one, which invites Afghanistan’s Taliban with a private plane to Norway, has previously shown its double standards on numerous occasions.

The same is true for a government like Sweden’s current government that frees a known and convicted war criminal like Hamid Nouri from a Swedish prison!

This is a message to the freedom-loving people of the world to let them know that as long as the Islamic regime occupying Iran is in power, no part of the world is safe.

Changing the mask of this terrorist regime by changing its so-called presidents does not in any way alter its murderous nature.