October 30, 2018

Mr. Mike Pompeo

Secretary of States of the United States of America

Re: Islamic regime Brutality and Suppression for commemoration of the International Day of Cyrus the Great

Dear Mr. Pompeo,

Yesterday, October 29th which is the International Day of Cyrus the Great, the Islamic regime resorted to a multitude of methods for suppressing the people’s voice and creating an atmosphere of fear, intimidation and radical repression with threats of arrest and imprisonment for participation in the observance and commemoration of the Day of Cyrus.

A few days prior to that date, the security forces of the Islamic regime began text messaging millions of mobile users indicating that if they were to gather at Pasargadae, the Tomb of Cyrus, they would face criminal punishment. Additionally, security agents directly contacted individuals who had participated or been arrested for joining the commemorations during prior years to threaten them with immediate arrest in case of their repeated participation.

On October 29th a vast number of security personnel, riot police, Basij militia and revolutionary guards were fully armed and deployed. They came with armored personnel carriers and proceeded to block access roads to Pasargadae, from Isfahan to Shiraz, as well as local roads and set up concrete barriers and several checkpoints along the way to prevent and arrest anyone intending to participate in the commemoration gatherings. The regime also interrupted Internet services and blocked any ability for sharing new during this day.

This issue of threats and arrests aimed at preventing commemoration services for the Day of Cyrus is nothing new and happens every year in order to deprive people from honoring this ancient heritage.

We are members of the Mellig Party (Melligparty.com) with a firm belief in the supremacy of Human Rights and the separation of Church and State. While the vast majority of our constituents are within Iran, we act as their representatives outside the country to amplify the voices of the vast population who have fallen victim to the Islamic regime’s brutality and injustice. We implore the government of the United States to accelerate efforts in providing the previously promised access to unfiltered Internet services and independent free press and media which are vital in the struggle to counteract the suppression of free thought and free speech in Iran. We long for the day we can establish secular democracy in Iran and deeply value the role the United States has played in supporting our struggle.


Mehdi Mirghaderi

Secretariat, Mellig Party