On behalf of all Iranians residing in Iran and also those in exile we wish to extend our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to all our dear brothers and sisters.


At this time of special gratitude and celebration of faith for the redemption of humanity, please do not forget your fellow Iranians who not only face the harshest of economic conditions under a corrupt regime, but are also subjected to unparalleled retaliations for simple and peaceful protests. They are targeted by snipers from rooftops and helicopters, shot at point blank range in the streets, and at best are arrested and tortured. Many also disappear without a trace and at later dates are discovered in ditches, unmarked graves, rivers and dams.

The Islamic Regime refuses to publish official statistics of their own crimes and continues their cover up, even now, a month after their brutal assaults on demonstrators. The dead, injured and jailed number in the thousands and not hundreds as some media have reported. This cover-up can not continue without the complicity of other media outlets around the world. Please help us get this issue the attention it deserves.


We beseech you, as you celebrate the birth of your savior, not only to pray for the oppressed people of Iran whose daily suffering continues to increase daily, but also to take action by joining voices with us to condemn the Islamic Regime’s Genocide in Iran (Twitter: #UN_Stop_Genocide_in_Iran) and ask your parliament to enact declarations of categorical support for an end to the barbaric atrocities of this unlawful regime. The death count reported from sources inside Iran is almost 6000, and those jailed or disappeared number over 20,000. Please don’t let this genocide take deeper roots. Let your voices join ours’ on the world stage.

With deepest gratitude form your old allies and future partners.


People of Iran

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