Twitte by Mehdi Mirghaderi

Translate by: black sparrow spring

The current strategy of Iranian supporters of the Democrat Party is to lower and fade the importance of voting for Trump by their Iranian counterparts who support the GOP. Thus they assert that there is no difference between Trump and Biden election and hence it does affect Iran’s political situation. Even they claim that Trump is pledging to negotiate with the Islamic Regime. With that being said, regardless of who you vote for, there is no threat to the stability of the Islamic Regime. However, it conspicuous that;

  • The animosity of Democrat Presidents against Iran and Mohammad Reza Shah since Kennedy to Carter and Obama administrations is well-proven.
  • The assassination of the second most powerful man (Qasem Soleimani) in the Islamic regime took place during the Trump administration
  • Paralyzing sanction and maximum pressure strategies against the Islamic Regime
  • Isolating the Islamic Regime by leading the peace between Arabian countries and Israel
  • Banning Islamic Regime dependents travel to the United States
  • Sanctioning Islamic Regime foreign minister and freezing their assists in the United States
  • Continuous Support of Trump from Iranian peaceful protests
  • Outlining 12 conditionsfor the U.S. to reopen the negotiations including an end to threats against Israel, a withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria, and the release of all U.S. citizens Iran was detaining. No doubt adhering to these conditions means the end of the Islamic Regime.

We cannot cast doubt if the maximum pressure strategies of the Trump administration that have taken into place and started a year and a half ago continues for another year the Islamic Regime foundations will be destroyed and hence accelerating their downfall by the Iranian People with minimum loss and bloodshed. As a result, do not be deceived by these political whores that work for the interests of the Islamic Regime.